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Event Planning Tips

1. Event Objectives are VITAL!

It is absolutely crucial to have clear objectives for your event before even thinking about organising one. Your objectives will affect your budget, your approach, your event outcomes and your bottom line.

Before developing event objectives, it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of your business and branding objectives so that your event objectives can cleanly align with these. If this is not done then precious dollars will unquestionably be wasted.

MPI Foundation Completes Research Project on Implications and Opportunities of Strategic Meetings Management

As part of its commitment to furthering the success of the meeting and event industry, the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Foundation has concluded its new research study on Strategic Meetings Management (SMM).

Plan Events Spain has rebranded and is Plan Ahead Events - one of the fastest growing global event management companies in the world.  In addition to Spain, Plan Ahead Events also has offices in Canada, Australia, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and the United States. With a solid established corporate structure in place since 2011, the new office of Plan Ahead Events Spain has unmatched strategic resources and worldwide relationships.

Congratulations to Diane Skiba, Plan Ahead Events Albany and Saratoga on being honored as Franchissee of the year. With Diane (center) are Saunda Kitchen, IFA Franchise Forum Chair, and Joe Francis, VP, Strategic Alliances, ADP Small Business Services.

The number of international association meetings doubles every 10 years, according to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), which yesterday published a landmark study titled "A Modern History of International Association Meetings: 1963-2012"

According, to Rohit Talwar, C.E.O. at Fast Future Research, "We have to stop thinking of our events as one-offs and start to see them as platforms for year-round engagement—the focal point of an ongoing experience. For event owners, we have to look at ways of monetizing the event beyond physical attendance—packaging and reselling event audio, video, and presentation content to those who were unable to attend. The standard event business model of one-price-fits-all will need to evolve, with options such as premium pricing and per-session pricing coming in."

From the time Microsoft launched PowerPoint as a tool that lets you make presentations and present them as slide shows, the software has been reigning all meetings. Though it should be given credit for bringing presentations to life and adding color to drab sales meetings, it is a fact that even a good thing can be overdone. Attendees sitting passively like students in traditional classrooms just watching a presentation does not anymore bring about the desired results by way of motivating your teams or achieving sales goals.

If you conducted research into the working methodologies of successful companies, more often than not you will find a hardworking, efficient team led by a manager who understands what makes people tick.From time to time, this manager will organize more fun, team building events to help keep employee morale high. Of course he has a hidden agenda – he is building a tough team that trusts each other and learns to work together to solve problems.  The first off-shoot of corporate team building is a group of satisfied, motivated and devoted employees.

We recently wrote about what you might call the human side of networking and contact-building at events – how to be the kind of person that people want to network with, when to put self-interest and raw marketing aside and focus on relationship building and how your reputation is a lot more important than the length of your contact list.