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Event Marketing

According, to Rohit Talwar, C.E.O. at Fast Future Research, "We have to stop thinking of our events as one-offs and start to see them as platforms for year-round engagement—the focal point of an ongoing experience. For event owners, we have to look at ways of monetizing the event beyond physical attendance—packaging and reselling event audio, video, and presentation content to those who were unable to attend. The standard event business model of one-price-fits-all will need to evolve, with options such as premium pricing and per-session pricing coming in."

Planning events takes time, thought and effort—and for a really successful event, hiring an event planner to help is a must!—but the pay-off is worth it, simply because at events you have the opportunity to meet with your customers and a have a real, human face to face interaction. Writing in Forbes, Dave Lavinsky points out some of the advantages of events that nothing else can provide: