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Event Planning

1. Event Objectives are VITAL!

It is absolutely crucial to have clear objectives for your event before even thinking about organising one. Your objectives will affect your budget, your approach, your event outcomes and your bottom line.

Before developing event objectives, it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of your business and branding objectives so that your event objectives can cleanly align with these. If this is not done then precious dollars will unquestionably be wasted.

From the time Microsoft launched PowerPoint as a tool that lets you make presentations and present them as slide shows, the software has been reigning all meetings. Though it should be given credit for bringing presentations to life and adding color to drab sales meetings, it is a fact that even a good thing can be overdone. Attendees sitting passively like students in traditional classrooms just watching a presentation does not anymore bring about the desired results by way of motivating your teams or achieving sales goals.