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If your company has ever put on an event – whether a small reception for a special client or an industry-spanning convention with a cast of thousands – then you know how much planning and grunt work goes into a successful gathering. If you have been in charge of the guest check-in portion of the event, then you are probably aware of how this critical task often goes unplanned or thrown together at the last minute.

Promoting your event on Facebook is no longer optional. Making the most of the opportunity is important. Here are some ways it can be done. 

First set up a Facebook page for your event.

When promoting your event, post a link to your Facebook page on your website. You can also opt to integrate the actual Facebook Widget on your website so people can see who is “Like-ing” your page and yout page can even feed your latest posts directly into the widget. You’ll definitely notice a significant impact in the increase of “Likes” after Facebook is integrated.