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What's Ahead for Meetings? And Why Plan Ahead Events is the Perfect Choice for Planners

According, to Rohit Talwar, C.E.O. at Fast Future Research, "We have to stop thinking of our events as one-offs and start to see them as platforms for year-round engagement—the focal point of an ongoing experience. For event owners, we have to look at ways of monetizing the event beyond physical attendance—packaging and reselling event audio, video, and presentation content to those who were unable to attend. The standard event business model of one-price-fits-all will need to evolve, with options such as premium pricing and per-session pricing coming in."

He continues: " Proving the value of our events at multiple levels. There will be ever-increasing demand to demonstrate the return on the delegates’ emotional, time, and financial investment. At the strategic level, there is a growing understanding that we need to prove the value of business events beyond tourism. The event industry offers a clear platform for information exchange, networking, and value generation—particularly in the knowledge-based industries on which so many economies are pinning their future hopes for growth."

Moreover, he says, " The industry has to increase its investment in talent—attracting and developing people who can think strategically and drive the innovations that will ensure the sector thrives even in turbulent times. The best planners have an excellent ecosystem of support mechanisms in place to help them stay abreast of developments that could have an impact over the short, medium, and longer term. They tend to be active on industry social networks, where they ask for help and share what they are learning. Many devote time to regular reading, both of meeting industry publications, blogs, and reports, and also of content from the sectors they work with. Attendance at a wide range of live and virtual seminars and networking forums is an important source of knowledge. The challenge is to acknowledge that with an ever-quickening pace of change and constant innovation, we have to spend more time staying abreast and investing in our own lifelong learning."