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Event Planning Tips

Part of the event experience is getting something to reinforce the event itself and its message and to make the experience memorable. This year at the Advertising Specialties Impressions (ASI) Power Summit, the results of a study were released that included 3,332 completed surveys among business people in the U.S. Canada, Australia and Great Britain.

As we go into 2011, Facebook has now surpassed Google as the most visited site on the web. Facebook, the ultimate social networking site, has surpassed all of its competitors, and this has happened in spite of predictions about its demise and the frequent changes that draw the wrath of many of its loyal users.

As event planners, there are lessons we can learn from the success of Facebook:

Planning an event today means that you are planning for multiple age groups, from college students to people who are 70 or more. In planning an event that includes all these generations, the most important thing to remember is to avoid stereotyping behavior or preferences. Each generation has something to contribute to the success of the event, and planning an event for multiple generations means that you have to see what each group has to offer.

Multilingual meetings are no longer unusual, so if your event attracts attendees who speak a number of languages, a good interpreter will help make the entire event memorable and successful.
How do you go about finding good interpreter services? Maria Christina de la Vega offers some suggestions in Event Solutions.
1.    Contact the local convention and visitors bureau or use the resources of groups such as MPI to which you belong.
2.    Research services on the web, but be sure to verify claims that companies make and to check references.

MARIETTA, GA (DECEMBER 2010) – Plan Ahead Events, a full service event management company, announces a new location at 1000 Whitlock Avenue under the ownership of local residents Don Burton, Ron Burton and Candice Medellin.

Roberta Dexter, owner of Plan Ahead Events-Halifax, is a strong proponent of a new convention center in that city. Here she presents the strong business case for the meetings and convention industry. How could anyone NOT be convinced! Nice job, Roberta.http://tinyurl.com/232o85v 

Who knew that, in our lifetime, the future King of England would marry into an event planning family?

What happens when the royal family meets the force of the event industry? Richard Levy takes a humorous look at the much anticipated royal wedding and at the credibility it gives to all of us in the event industry. Yes, event planning is really a profitable, respectable business. http://tinyurl.com/28cc88p

In the event world, there is alot of talk about measurement and ROI.  But before we can measure to determine the return on our investment, we need to decide WHAT we want to measure.  Do we count the number of people who attended the event? Do we determine who the key people are and whether we connected with them? Do we try to change their perceptions? Do we determine if purchases were made directly connected to the event? Are we interested in the amount and quality of the publicity that our event received?

Sometimes those of us who are event planners just have to step back and smile at the challenges we face. Jack Thompson sets our lives to country western songs.http://expoexpertinc.com/blog/?p=475

Have you noticed changes in attendee behavior? According to surveys conducted by Red 7 Media, event attendees are much more interested in the steak than the sizzle. 

Education is becoming increasingly important, and those who sign up for meetings scrutinize the session content much more closely. Many planners notice that people are waiting until they see a final program to register, and fewer meeting attendees are making a vacation out of going to the event.  They stay at more modest hotels.