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Our Team

Mary Tan did not embark on her career as an Events Manager - this is something she found she has a passion and flair for.

Having completed a Computer Science degree, she embarked on a career in the IT/engineering sector in UK. After emigrating to Australia, she continued in the IT world adding project management to her skills. Because of this discipline and knowledge, she applies a methodical approach, with fine detail, to each event.. She ensures that everyone and everything is in place.

Mary finds every event challenging and rewarding as well as loving the exhilaration of seeing the event through to a successful completion. She loves the diversity of the events and that no two events are the same - always new requirements, challenges and people. Mary offers a personal service since she believes that having a happy client is so much better than having a disgruntled one!  Plus she wants the attendees to feel that 'it's been worthwhile to attend'. She endeavors to give value for her services.

She believes very strongly in connecting and building relationships and every person has a story. She also believes that people should not be judged by their 'cover' - she, herself, is known as a JBC (Jamaican Born Chinese),Hong Kong Chinese descent, brought up in North Wales and has spent most of her life in UK. But now, she calls Australia home! .

Mary is also actively involved in the local community and has held a key position on the committee of the Waverley Basketball Club for the past few years.

She loves the good life - art, fine wine, fine food and travelling. Plus she is a pug-lover!

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Kelvin Tan is a self-motivated, creative professional who loves challenging projects.

Originally, from Singapore, Kelvin moved to UK for further studies and met Mary.  

Attaining  a degree in Computer Science, he proceeded to work for several major corporations in UK. One of the reasons to move  to Australia was to move closer to 'home' (Singapore). Hence, he has kept close ties with Singapore, visiting annually, and so is aptly place for take delegates/groups to the region.

Kelvin's career, in Australia, has been mainly focused in the Finance and Banking sector using his IT skills on various banking systems such as the processing of credit card payments and fraud systems. He has been involved in the submission of business requirements and project estimations as well as the implementation of these systems into the live environment.

Kelvin's strengths lie in the management of the event timeline, finance and budget expenses of the event.

In this respect, he skills complements Mary's. They are able to bounce ideas of each other.

Kelvin also loves to network, meeting people from all sorts of backgrounds.


Mary and Kelvin Tan - the pair who plan events with care!