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What events have we organised and managed?

Network meetings, family days, gala events, conferences, awards ceremonies, themed events, team building.

Every event is different - every element of the event contributes to the event, making each one unique!


What size are the events?

From networking events for 30 people to gala events for 900 guests.

No event is too small or too large,


Where are the events normally held?

Mainly in Melbourne  but we have held several conferences in Regional Victoria as well as a Gala Dinner in Singapore.


What venues do we use?

We will organise the event at the venue appropriate to the event.

For example, Family Days at outdoor venues such as adventure gardens, cocktail events at hotel venues and networking events at cosy meeting rooms.


What do we actually do?

We do as much or as little as you like - from the initial sourcing of a venue to the final wrap-up meeting (what we call the 'post-mortem') and any bits in between such as budget creation/cost analysis, sourcing of entertainment, AV, photography and so on.