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"I would like to let you know about the favorable transaction I recently had with [Plan Ahead Events].  I needed 400 shirts and journals for a conference in Oklahoma.  I was on a tight deadline and needed our logo re-design for the shirts and journals.  I was amazed at how quickly they were able to turn around the art work.   I found working with Plan Ahead Events to be an amazing experience.  I am not the easiest person to communicate with but they keep me on task with deadlines, updated me on every step in the process, so I was aware of all of the activities. The end product for the shirts and journals they delivered were beautiful and beyond my expectation.  The product was actually hand delivered the product to my door step and well before the expected delivery date.  Without question, I recommend Plan Ahead Events, and will use them for my next event."

Kai D.


“I called [Plan Ahead Events] to see if [they] could help me out with a work function I had to organise in a few days! Even though this was very short notice [Plan Ahead Events] responded to me straight away with several great options. They were very helpful, I just told them what we were looking for and they found the perfect place, the food and atmosphere was great! Thanks so much for all your help Kelvin and Mary you made this task for me very easy!! “

Jessica Walker, Area Manager

West Farmer Insurance


“Planning an Event for our valued customers and suppliers is no easy task.  I know you spent a great deal of time planning each detail to ensure the workshop sessions, exhibit show, and meal functions would run smoothly. Your flexibility to adapt strategy quickly, according to our needs, was greatly appreciated. Your negotiation with the hotel and sub-contractors, leadership, organization and a management skills, and attention to every detail resulted in our coming in substantially under budget.”

Kevin Archibald, Marketing Manger

Dataflex Corporation


I would like to thank you all very much for your excellent service to the delegation from the African Union (AU) while we were in Atlanta a week ago. Your attention to detail on every aspect of our visit made for a most enjoyable experience. I appreciate every effort you deployed to make sure that the transportation, meals, and events were carefully managed. I also appreciate the outstanding professionalism you displayed while working with the ambassadors and the other high dignitaries. The Chairperson and the entire delegation were quite complimentary of your services and it is my hope that we shall be able to work with Plan Ahead Events on our future visits. I would highly recommend you to any foreign delegations visiting the United States.

Noureddine Mezni

Spokesperson to the Chairperson, African Union


"I was absolutely amazed at the level of foresight, thought and effort that Plan Ahead Events put into our project. It was far and above what I had ever expected. Beyond what I anticipated from [their] services, [they] personally promoted our event, sold tickets and secured a major donation for our charity auction. With [their] thoughtful and circumspect foresight, [they] also brought an issue to my attention that was critical to our charity finances. If it had not been for [their] diligent thinking, it likely would have gone unnoticed and resulted in a major failure for our group. I cannot express more appreciation for the work [they] have done."

Ben Meeuwsen, Owner

Jet Air Group