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Green Events & Meeting Planning Services

Green EventsCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are an important part of any meeting, event or conference. CSR is about more than “going green”; the term includes a broader “giving back” perspective. As attendees assess the environmental impact of coming together, there is a growing awareness that for a program to be successful and relevant, it should include acknowledging the community where the event is held, including the larger world community. According to a 2010 Accenture CEO Study, 93% of the CEOs surveyed see sustainability as “important to their company’s future success” and believe in integrating a CSR strategy across the entire company. The good news? CSR programs are no longer a hard sell.

Corporate Social Responsibility

What impact does your meeting or conference have on the people in the community and the environment? Does it create a positive impact or is there too much waste that will end up in Australian land fill? And what is the effect on the human dimension? Are jobs created? Are purchases of products and services locally sourced?

At Plan Ahead Events, we are serious about the mandate to make our events, conventions and meetings meet high standards of corporate social responsibility. We realise it is important to the people who attend your events, and therefore it is important to you. When you work with Plan Ahead Events, you can be sure that CSR is not an afterthought but an integrated part of your entire program. Call us today to find out more.

Green Meeting Checklist

Go green with Plan Ahead Events! Download our Green Meeting Checklist to get started!