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Trade Shows & Exhibition Management

Managing trade shows is both an art and a science – and doing it effectively and professionally is a rare and valuable set of skills. Plan Ahead Events is a world-leading expert in trade show and exhibition management, thanks to our decades of experience in handling some of the largest and most important trade shows in the world. From Sydney to Miami the local office is well-equipped to organise and execute a world-class trade show for your organisation or company.


Trade Show Services

Plan Ahead Events can help you plan and promote your event starting years in advance, or we can ride to the rescue at the last minute if your plans go awry. Our world-class trade show staff can be there from setup to tear down and handle every aspect of the event including:

Preferred Vendor Pricing

As an international company, we maintain access to exclusive vendor pricing that our competition simply doesn’t have access to. Not only will we be able to obtain the best prices, we will also negotiate your vendor contracts for you, saving you the time, money and energy!

Vendor-taught Workshops

The primary reason that vendors and suppliers attend trade shows is to be able to network and cultivate relationships with the attendees. The one-on-one, face-to-face time that exhibitors have the opportunity to spend with potential clients is invaluable. Vendor-taught workshops are the perfect instrument for this and a favorite activity of participating exhibitors .


Sponsorships are a great way to get your professional suppliers and partners involved in your event. We will help you find sponsors, create sponsorship packages and ensure that your sponsors are satisfied with their contribution to your event.


Registration can be one of the most time consuming and complicated parts of planning a large trade show or conference. With our registration programs, we will take that headache away from you and make sure that your delegates are signed up and ready for action!

Budget Creation/Management

One of the most crucial aspects of your trade show is your budget. Without the right knowledge and tools, managing your event budget could prove costly and problematic. Let our meeting and event planners take the weight off of your shoulders and help you to create the perfect event for you, all while keeping your budget intact!


Developing a successful trade show is an investment in the future that can transform your organisation into a leader in your sector, propelling you into the heights of your industry. Make the investment pay off by ensuring a skilled, professional management team is guiding this mission-critical event on your behalf. Plan Ahead Events is the world leader in event planning and trade show management –put our expertise and reputation to work for you.

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